Chatter. There is either too much chatter or too much noise. I'm not talking about the sounds you hear, but rather social media noise. Social media noise is the abundance of people or companies posting on social media. For me, it has become crippling to my creativity and demoralizing. I have fallen into creative droughts before but not like this. This time it is different. The cause is different.


Some could argue that the lack of me shooting may be the main cause of my creative drought. I don’t even take my camera to work anymore. I used to wake up early so I could spend some time before work, even if it was only 30mins, to walk around the downtown core of Ottawa capturing everything I saw. But as time continued and the winter dragged on for as long as it did (too long), I became less and less inclined to shoot. Now that the sun and warm weather is here, and the shorts have come out, I still find myself not interested. Why?


Social media noise. It is causing severe creative blockage…creative drought…lack of motivation …or whatever else you want to call it. The fact of the matter is that I have Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, VSCO, Instagram, and Flickr. Each and everyone of these platforms bombards users with an endless supply of content. Social media provides so much… that it can overstimulate you. In my case, it has made me jealous and depressed. There is so much amazing content from photographers such as Marc Lafreniere, Chris Burkard, Matt Barnes (just to name a few) that I see the work and I doubt myself and my capabilities. I think that I will never be that good or be able to capture the lighting like they did. I lose sight of the image and focus on the negatives. I see the money I don’t have for that camera, or that specific lens, or even my financial inability to travel to that spot. I find myself caught up in what I don’t have or what I think I need so much so that I lose sight of the image itself and my creativity slips away.


The photography I see isn’t necessarily bad noise since it is work I admire, but combined with what all the social media platforms throw in my face…it all just becomes too much. I’ve forgotten how fun photography can be.


So let’s change that. I’ve deleted some of the noise: Tumblr, Twitter, and Flickr. I’m going to start to limit my time on Facebook and Instagram. Instagram isn’t going anywhere just yet. As my wise and beautiful girlfriend says, it’s a place for me to express myself, which is very true. 


This blogish/vlog thing I'm starting will hopefully help flush out my drought, and get the creativity going. Maybe it can even open up a space for people to reply and start a conversation about creative blockage? Who knows 😉