Alright so i'm going to start this blog thing back up again!

So, just to recap what I've been doing for the last few months.


ive been spending a lot of time with my girlfriend Mandy 💚 she's amazing and I love every moment with her and wouldn't trade for anything. 

Mandy and I have been going to couple places here and there, we visited Kingston, Upper Canada Village and bunch of places around Ottawa.


I took a trip to Newfoundland in September to be the best man at my best friends wedding! It was a riot! Wicked good time!


I visited Montreal again with some co workers and I just came back from Toronto. 


I also took some engagement photos for a lovely couple this past weekend! Just trying to figure out how to display a whole set of images on the site still! 

So that's the update, so far! 


Here are are some images from some of the events!